Sunday, 6 August 2017

The NED Show

We were very blessed to have a very cool assembly this week called "The NED Show.'  Ned reminds us all that there is a champion inside everyone.

NED reminds us all to:
1. Never give up
2. Encourage others
3. Do your best

Not only did we get to hear all about what NED stands for, but we were also able to see some pretty cool yo-yo tricks.  Students were even given a chance to purchase their very own NED yo-yo to practice their own tricks.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Cook Island Language Week

As part of Cook Island Language Week, we had an amazing group of students perform during our school assembly today.  It is always exciting to see our Pt. England students sharing aspects of their cultures with others. In the Pav, we were mostly proud of our sweet Lydia not only for performing beautifully, but also for being brave enough to speak in one of the Cook Island languages to open their performance. However, both Mr Moran and Mrs. Moala had a great time dancing up on stage when they were selected to be part of the "Around the World" dance at the end of the performance.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

KiwiSport Tennis Week 1

This week, the students of Room 11 started learning how to play tennis!  We had so much fun learning how to use our rackets from our new coach, and we are so excited for the rest of the term with him.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Welcome Mr. Helmhout!

This past week, the students of Room 11 have been blessed to work with Mr. Helmhout.  Mr. Helmhout is a student teacher from AUT and he will be with us for for the next four weeks.

Monday, 24 July 2017

CRE with Mrs. Clarke

Today the amazing students in Room 11 Maths spent some time after lunch with Mrs. Clarke learning about putting forth our best efforts in order to be the most successful person we can be.  Mrs. Clarke told us that we need to be sure to make good choices.

Mrs. Clarke introduced us to Wynton Rufer, an amazing NZ soccer player, who wanted to date a young lady named Lisa.  Lisa was a Christian and told Wynton that she would not go out with him because he was not making the best choices in his life.  This made Wynton change his ways, and he later became a follower of Jesus.  Lisa gave him another chance and the two are now happily married.
Wynton created a WYNRS academy that trains world class soccer players and world class citizens.

Mrs. Clarke showed us a video of Mr. Rufer persevering to keep a soccer ball off the ground and we were able to try it ourselves using a balloon.  Mr. Rufer is now the coach of the PNG soccer team and he wants his team to be good role models both on the field and off.

Term 3: Immersion Assembly

This term, the students at Pt. England School will be studying "The Guardians of the Galaxy."  The amazing students of Team 3 are going to be learning about why we have time and the seasons, as well as the awesome things happening in Space.

The teachers of Team 3 created a movie for the assembly showing "The Days of our Lives."

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki Celebration

Today students across Manaiakalani are sharing their learning about Te Taiao o Tamaki at the Te Oro Arts Centre in Glen Innes.

While back at school, the students of the Pav watched the live stream of the event and spent some time blogging about what they have seen.

Watching the live stream.

Blogging about what we have seen.

Some lucky students from the Pav were able to take a bus down to Te Oro and spend time looking at the various exhibits that each school put together.  

We have really enjoyed learning about Te Taiao o Tamaki this term, along with the rest of the Manaiakalani cluster.